HawkView Information Management Services

Utilities, Oil and Gas companies, Maritime operators and other large critical infrastructure companies operate asset-intensive businesses relied upon by millions of customers.  The IT departments, security teams, field operators, and senior leaders must employ multiple systems to constantly manage and protect these expensive assets against threats that could cripple operations and, worse, cause extensive damage and financial loss. 


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HawkView is a family of software and cloud based services that allows customers to monitor and control operations using a single software platform. HawkView interconnects with diverse, multi-vendor data sources and allows desktop and mobile users to view actionable intelligence and control critical systems through an easy to use customizable interface.

HawkView allows headquarters and field staff to manage assets in a cost-effective, scalable manner from an easy to use single dashboard reducing or eliminating the need to simultaneously monitor multiple applications. This solution ensures that the right information is in the right hands at the right time to improve the speed and quality of collaboration and decision making.

  • Custom executive, management and operational views of real time data.
  • Physical Security Information Management solutions for access control, video surveillance and security.
Common Operating Platform
  • A smart software platform that connects devices and data of all types in one common and mobile operating environment for unmatched monitoring and response.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to integrate and manage a multitude of disparate data sources and devices including operational, SCADA, corporate and public data in a true common operating platform.
  • Complete interoperability with multiple vendor software and hardware platforms, operating simultaneously with both existing and new systems.
  • Optional analytics engines available to produce specialized reports from composite data
  • 3D visualization of assets, people and events in real time
  • Rapid response to outages and events
  • Can be deployed with little or no capital funding
  • “Forklift” upgrades not required
  • Enhanced operational performance and reduced risk in environmental issues
  • Provides a structure for client control of technology evolution and transition costs.
  • Real time monitoring and control resulting in reduced downtime
  • Rapid response to outages and events
  • Multiple sources of real time data
  • Video Monitoring

- Weather

- Vehicular and Personnel Tracking

- Credentials and SOPs/EOPs

- Site Ingress and Egress

- Materials/Containers

- Location and Tracking

- GPS Devices

- Building Information Management Systems

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