As technology continues to evolve at an amazing speed and the global community seems to shrink by the day, one thing has remained constant. The need to move personnel and materials to high value, mission critical operations in and around the waters of the world continues to present a host of logistical and safety challenges. BlackHawk Datacom delivers innovative technology solutions to ensure that those maritime operations can maintain a safety and efficiency level required to keep our customers competitive in this global marketplace.

Delivering on our promise to Connect, Protect and Optimize operations in remote, harsh environments, BlackHawk has developed communications, security and automation platforms uniquely suited for maritime processes. With our global communications footprint, we deliver high speed data and reliable voice communications to marine vessels from the Gulf of Mexico to the Middle East and beyond. We leverage that communications network to enhance our customers’ safety and risk mitigation efforts through remote video surveillance and reporting tools.


Finally, as the need for more efficient use of high value assets continues to grow, Blackhawk Datacom delivers comprehensive monitoring tools that provide remote visibility into vessel operations, anywhere in the world. With the implementation of the HawkView platform, for example, vessel owners can make real time decisions regarding maintenance and utilization of assets, dramatically improving on performance and, in many cases, extending the life of those assets.

BlackHawk Datacom is uniquely positioned to help our customers navigate the challenges inherent to maritime operations around the world.