Oil and Gas

For companies operating in the US Unconventional Shale plays, the efficient deployment, security and operation of remote assets is critical. Today’s Oil and Gas Operator engages in a constant quest to lower the cost of getting the product to the market; from the time that the initial and substantial investment is made into the exploration of a new prospect to the eventual end of life of that prospect far into the future. Even as the pace of remote operations continues to quicken, and the location of those operations continues to move farther from established infrastructure, the human resources available to effectively maintain and manage those operations become increasingly more taxed.


BlackHawk Datacom has developed a suite of technology platforms with a single driving purpose in mind: Leverage the power of evolving technology to reduce those lift costs while improving the safety of the process and the quality of the work environment. In order to relieve the growing pressure on the workforce, BlackHawk Datacom delivers technology solutions designed to deliver “the right information, at the right time, to the right person”, to ensure timely and informed decisions are made.

BlackHawk Datacom’s comprehensive approach to asset operations is built upon three key priorities: Connect, Protect and Optimize. BlackHawk Datacom ensures reliable connectivity to remote assets through a wide range of remote communications platforms. These communications platforms form the foundation of the Operators’ ability to protect those assets from theft and vandalism, a concern which only grows greater as the world of “bad players” continues to migrate to the US Energy Sector.

At the heart of what we do, BlackHawk Datacom has developed a tool box of specialized solutions to aid the Operators in maximizing the effectiveness of their remote assets, and to ensure that limited resources have every opportunity to succeed in these harsh environments, far from traditional support or infrastructure. A key component of that tool box is the SiteHawk platform. SiteHawk provides remote visibility and control of critical assets, regardless of location. Operators can now make real time assessments regarding the performance of key systems. Rapid decisions regarding well operations, maintenance needs or safety processes all lead to optimal field performance and, ultimately, lower costs. Asset efficiency and survivability reach a new level with the implementation of the SiteHawk platform.

Whether it is providing voice and data communications to the worker in the field, installing remote access controls or surveillance systems at high value, mission critical assets, or delivering digital visibility and control for mission critical operations from the back office, BlackHawk Datacom is uniquely qualified to provide the solution.