Managed Network Services

HawkNet is a suite of Managed Network and Communications Services designed to provide highly reliable connectivity to people and critical infrastructure located in remote, harsh environments. Whether you operate a remote water treatment plant, a distant wind farm, or some oil platform miles offshore, BlackHawk Datacom specializes in keeping you connected to your business. We recognize that each type of operation has its own unique set of challenges, so we focus on providing specialized solutions tailored to overcome those challenges. We deliver flexible, scalable, end-to-end communications solutions for the entire lifecycle of your assets.  Leveraging our industry experience and the latest technologies, we provide world-class service to help significantly reduce your operating costs.


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  • Multi-carrier LTE and WiMax solutions optimized for least cost routing
  • Fixed, Auto-acquire and Stabilized solutions for C, Ku and Ka band services
 Machine to Machine
  • SCADA, telemetry and IIoT solutions
Two-way Radio
  • Fixed, mobile and handheld options
TV Receive Only (TVRO)
  • Fixed and stabilized solutions for land and sea
Wireless Broadband
  • Licensed and unlicensed design, build and maintenance services
  • Licensed and unlicensed design, build and maintenance services
Network Operations Center 
  • 24 X 7 hardened facility

Features and Benefits

  • Engineered communication services
  • Best of breed options for primary and backup services
  • 7 x 24 x 365 monitoring
  • Integrated site communications supporting multiple services
  • Multiple bandwidth options for diverse traffic requirements
  • Licensed and unlicensed services
  • Competitive rates

Connect, Protect and Optimize

Over 35 years experience providing technology solutions across the globe