Regional Airports

Since 9/11, the federal government has poured tremendous financial and human resources into the security of our nation’s major airports. The effectiveness of those efforts can be, and often is, debated. One thing that cannot be debated is the fact that smaller, regional airports have not received the attention or funds to address security issues. BlackHawk Datacom recognizes these regional airports as a critical part of the country’s infrastructure. These locations serve a critical role in supporting commerce around the country.

Regional Airports present a unique set of challenges to secure and operate efficiently. They are often structured as a microcosm of nearby communities. The systems required to support these “mini communities” are often complex and diverse. In addition to access control, many of these airports maintain their own closed water and wastewater systems. Add to that fuel storage and distribution systems and it becomes quickly apparent that the processes and skill sets required to operate are significant.

Regional Airports

BlackHawk Datacom’s SecureHawk platforms deliver cost effective access control and remote video security and surveillance. Whether monitored and controlled from our Incident Command Center or within the operations center of the airport facility, the owner can have around the clock security of the facility and systems without the significant expense of traditional security guards.

While many regional airports maintain discreet water and fuel distribution systems, their budgets for these systems are often quite limited as compared to their larger municipal neighbors.  BlackHawk Datacom’s SiteHawk systems open a world of powerful remote visibility and control that could historically only be achieved through huge capital investments. Management of critical water and fuel systems can be customized to meet specific local requirements and optimized without the addition of personnel and with minimal impact on the budget. With the HawkView tool to tie these disparate processes together, the movement and processing of real-time critical data becomes an enabler, and not an overwhelming task. The resulting clarity of vision into these assets translates into better, more timely decision making with smoother, more secure and accountable operations.

BlackHawk Datacom has developed innovative technology solutions designed to Connect, Protect and Optimize critical assets and operations. With an unwavering focus on quality and safety of product, we have structured these solutions to deliver maximum gain with minimum cost.