Threats to US national security evolve in tandem with technological advancements. Businesses operating in this sector must demonstrate not only mastery of engineering and scientific fundamentals but also remain nimble in response to emerging threats and customer needs. Today, BlackHawk Datacom leverages its success supporting US interests in the oil and gas, maritime, and utilities markets to develop novel solutions to specific national security concerns.


Our engineering team was founded to apply expertise in digital/analog circuit design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, firmware/software development, and system integration to demanding problems in remote, harsh environments. Building on this experience, our scope has expanded to include interests relevant to the Defense sector, ranging from electronic warfare (EW) systems to battery testers. Our engineering team reflects this enhanced capacity, comprising engineers with backgrounds in graduate level electrical engineering, computer science, and physics, as well as seasoned technical and manufacturing staff.


To date, BlackHawk Datacom has partnered with the US Army, Air Force, and major domestic Defense contractors to develop custom solutions supporting national security interests. We continue to invest in these partnerships by applying our experience and expertise toward the strategic aims of US Defense agencies and industry partners.

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