Defense Engineering

The US Defense industry requires innovation and excellence in the fields of informatics, communications, digital electronics, and sensitive radio-frequency (RF) devices. Consequently, defense-related businesses operating in these areas demand capable engineers and technicians with the skillsets to remain competitive in a constantly evolving industry.


BlackHawk Datacom’s Defense Engineering laboratory provides unique, custom solutions to the end customer. The Defense Engineering group consists primarily of electrical engineers and computer scientists with backgrounds in analog/digital circuit analysis, high-speed FPGA design, software/firmware development, and printed circuit board (PCB) design. Technical staff experienced in PCB population, chassis wiring, and custom machining assembles each system and supports the engineering group in troubleshooting and debugging tasks.


Today’s EW systems are continuously advancing in response to the most relevant active threats. To meet this demand, BlackHawk Datacom’s Defense Engineering group has expanded its core competencies to include rigorous signal integrity requirements, multilayer PCBs, and picosecond timing constraints. In addition to developing new EW systems, the lab also provides technical support, updates, and maintenance to systems fielded over its entire history.


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