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Electric Utilities

As the global threat of terrorism grows, and the likelihood of domestic terrorism becomes more real, the federal government has turned its attention to safeguarding the electric power grid assets.  The North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards have long been the voluntary guidelines used by electric utility organizations to address security issues.  More recently, the US government and NERC’s approach to critical infrastructure protection has shifted from voluntary guidelines to standards that are more prescriptive.

BlackHawk Datacom’s broad range of technology experience as a licensed security company uniquely qualifies us to provide access control and remote surveillance needs to deter theft and vandalism. More than simply a security systems integrator, we bring advanced technology capabilities that provide access control, surveillance and real time awareness that ensures timely incident notification and mitigates incident escalation.  Our innovative approach and diverse project experience meets the exceptional challenges associated with securing electric power facilities.

Electric Utilities

BlackHawk Datacom has diligently studied the requirements and intent of the NERC CIP program, and can guide electric power providers through the process.  The NERC document, Security Guideline for the Electricity Sector: Physical Security advocates the principles of “Protection in Depth” and “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” (CPTED).  BlackHawk Datacom provides products and services to implement a Protection in Depth strategy by providing both outer perimeter and inner perimeter security capabilities for protected assets. Additionally, BlackHawk can address the CPTED principles with products and services including gates, “smart locks”, access control systems, perimeter alarm systems, surveillance systems and complete, integrated CCTV systems with monitoring, recording and reporting capabilities through a fully staffed 7x24x365 Incident Command Center.

Whether the focus is on wind energy, solar plants, or electric substations, BlackHawk Datacom can develop and implement a system that will not only satisfy the requirements of NERC CIP, but the intent as well.  BlackHawk Datacom delivers effective tools that work within limited budgets of any size organization to achieve government compliance while gaining efficiencies in operating processes and cost controls.   Our focus is on implementing cost effective solutions that will enhance the efficiency, security and safety of the critical infrastructure facilities and assets.