Managed Security Services

SecureHawk is a complete line of fixed and mobile access control and video security solutions designed to operate in remote, harsh environments.  We engineer SecureHawk products to operate off the grid, with solar powered battery backup and fully redundant communications links, as well as traditional grid powered solutions. We support our access control and video security solutions through our Regional Operations Centers and hardened Incident Command Center—monitored and controlled 24 hours a day. Through a custom web portal, authorized personnel can monitor access control and video security, as well as review detailed activity reports for increased accountability and control. Comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions enable our customers to monitor and protect their valuable assets, regardless of location.

Texas License B19630

Louisiana License F1494


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  • Access control solutions for permanent installations
SmartGate Skid
  • Rapidly deployable skid based access control solutions for temporary installations
SmartGate Maritime
  • MarSec approved access control solutions for port facilities
  • Video surveillance and security solutions with options for permanent installations, rapidly deployable skid based options and mobile platform options that can be set up and configured in a matter of minutes   
Incident Command Center
  • 24 X 7 hardened facility

Features and Benefits

  • Scalable solution capabilities for any access scenario: fully automatic controlled access gate to single Smart Lock
  • Significant cost reduction and increased functionality over traditional manned gate guard solutions
  • Meets NERC CIP requirements for critical infrastructure security
  • Designed to meet or exceed the guidelines set by the Coast Guard for port security/control access to marine ports
  • Post incident review of archived video
  • Near real-time remote viewing of site activities via VMS portal
  • Camera analytics or PIR sensors to alert of activity
  • “Guard Tour” function with PTZ cameras
  • Multiple fixed and PTZ video options, including thermal/thermal radar with audible and visual alarms using a siren and strobe device
  • Multiple gate operator and gate solutions include the slide gate, cantilever gate, swing gate, vertical lift gate, vertical pivot lift gate, bi-folding gate, and barrier arm gate.
  • Can be remotely monitored and controlled by the BlackHawk Incident Command Center (ICC) on 7x 24 x 365 basis
  • Available arrangements for short, intermediate or permanent installations, including nomadic operations

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