Using Technology to Reduce Security Costs – Case Study

One obvious challenge with a traditional guard service was the monthly cost of the security guard personnel. The potential for cost savings provided by GateHawk was the primary reason Pitre decided to explore the option.  Although Express Weld was generally satisfied with their security guard provider it became quickly apparent that, in addition to cost savings, the GateHawk system would provide a number of other immediate benefits including:

BlackHawk’s Managed Security Services would remove reliance upon a single gate guard who has the potential to be late or fail to show up for a shift, who could get sick, and required breaks.

Replacing daily paper reports from the guard with automated electronic reporting anddata archive from the BlackHawksystem.

Express Weld would have a single point of contact, the BlackHawk Central Monitoring Station, for all questions about access attheir main gate.

Every BlackHawk security professional was trained on specific Express Weld protocols, and the BlackHawk system softwareensured compliance and documentation of every access-based security task.

GateHawk cameras would provide a visual deterrent to crime, as well as a fullvideoaudit trail of gate activities for reference or investi- gativepurposes.

Express Weld could replace the guard shack and unsightly portable bathroom at the main facility entrance with a professionally installed, hardened GateHawk unit.