This Onshore Operator found a way to cut a whopping $19k/mo off their security costs, while actually improving it.

The operator was looking for ways to save money, but was reluctant to move away from gate guards at any location. “I felt we needed the person to person interaction at every gate”, claimed the Security Supervisor. After looking at alternatives to Level 3 Guards, he realized that without technology it would be close to impossible to sustain their level of security and professionalism, and save money. After taking the plunge and deciding to explore technology options for securing their gates, he ran into another challenge: choosing the right technology partner.

There were three outcomes that were important to the operator: reduce costs, have knowledge and documentation of their visitors, and have the capability to review anything on video. While all three of these benefits were imperative, delivering them while upholding a professional image was also necessary.
As a solution, they chose BlackHawk’s GateHawk Managed Security Solution. Not only has the technology and service provided by GateHawk delivered on the operator’s requirements, their intimate knowledge of the harsh and remote environment they were dealing with proved to be a major benefit during the implementation.  The Security Supervisor recalls, “Most of the companies were relying on me and my staff to perform much of the legwork. We had to provide the forklift, truck, etc. BlackHawk understands our environment out here and has everything ready to roll. Once I gave the word, they took care of everything.”

In its current configuration, GateHawk has reduced costs on the one entrance by about $19,000 per month. Even though this particular gate location was managed by level 3 guards at a premium price, the customer’s analysis still shows a significant cost savings over the least expensive personnel. “… and an automated gate doesn’t turn the other way like some mom and pop personnel might consider doing. ”On top of the cost savings, the Supervisor is quick to mention the other benefits being realized: “I have the capability of reviewing anything on video, and I know who is going in and who has gone out.”