Data-MAX Broadband Wireless

Data-MAX is a next-generation broadband wireless solution for your most demanding communications needs.

Remotely located operators are enabled with reliable, high-speed service for voice, real-time data and video transfers, and internet access at very affordable rates. Subscribers in the Gulf of Mexico utilize speeds of up to 5Mbps x 5Mbps committed information rate.

High Speed

Superior Bandwidth Capabilities that are long-lasting

Reliable Network

Industry-leading microwave backbone system offers a robust, reliable, and cost-effective network

Maximum Performance

Control outside interference via licensed frequency spectrum: 2.3Ghz and 2.5Ghz

Senior worker operating machine and watching CCTV footage on television in office area of recycling plant.

Drastically reduce latency from traditional solutions

This technology drastically reduces the latency inherent in traditional solutions such as satellite. This level of available bandwidth opens the door for information transfers at a level never before available to remote drilling and production operations and includes complete redundancy with BlackHawk Datacom's world-class VSAT network.

  • Low Latency: Maintains service reliability providing maximum voice and data quality
  • Cost Effective: Higher bandwidth at comparable cost when compared to Point-to-point microwave and VSAT
  • Long Term Investment: Favorable future evolution path
  • Business Continuity: Complete redundancy with the VSAT network

Connect, Protect and Optimize

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