How to Solve the Challenge of Securing Remote Sites In Harsh Environments

Securing remote sites

Are you responsible for securing remote sites? Operations interruptions are costly and potentially dangerous. Unauthorized vendors entering the property can interrupt and delay operations. Theft and malfeasance are an ever-increasing issue for remote sites. Domestic and international threats pose an even greater safety and security threat. These situations can delay production and increase costs.

As a result, security measures often need to be deployed permanently or temporarily depending on a particular project.

Remote well sites and production facilities need a secure perimeter to keep vehicles and visitors at arm’s length until they pass security checks and are allowed clearance.
Construction sites evolve as a project progresses. As such, the security demands evolve as well. In these cases, temporary checkpoints are required and may often need to be relocated as the project timeline changes.

All of these applications require communications. Security data must travel across a secure network, seamlessly ensuring that your team can communicate with visitors and observe operations at all times.

How SmartGate Skid From BlackHawk Datacom Can Help

SecureHawk SmartGate Skid by Blackhawk Datacom is a perfect solution that is customized for every application. It’s ideal for a wide variety of applications from well sites to SWD sites, ports, refineries, and even construction sites.

The SmartGate Skid system takes into account all aspects of security operations. Power for the system is provided at remote locations by a solar power plant specifically sized for the system. This keeps the integrated systems operating 24×7 regardless of the lack of existing commercial infrastructure. Vehicles are stopped at a reinforced gate before entering the secure perimeter. At this point, video surveillance cameras on the HawkView system provide detailed information about the vehicle and occupants to security staff at the BlackHawk Incident Command Center who can determine preliminary threat levels. Voice communication is enabled, allowing the visitor to speak directly to staff who will start the security checkpoint procedures. All data from these gate transactions are recorded in a time and date stamped database for access and review if needed in the future.

Our 24×7 hardened Incident Command Center in Lafayette, LA supports Regional Operations Centers located in

  • Port Fourchon, LA,
  • Houston, TX,
  • San Antonio, TX, and
  • Midland, TX.

About BlackHawk Datacom

For more than 35 years, BlackHawk Datacom has been helping customers “Connect, Protect, and Optimize” their critical infrastructure assets. Business operations continue uninterrupted as unwelcomed visitors are turned away. Staff is able to work more efficiently, knowing that there is adequate security at the perimeter. And, corporate executives can be assured that their assets and personnel are safe and secure. All of these security measures and considerations lower the cost and speed up the process of getting the products to the market.

BlackHawk’s communications, physical security, and process automation products and services are specifically designed for operations in remote, harsh environments where oil and gas, maritime, and utility customers can’t afford loss of service or down time.

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