Managed Automation Services

Operating remote, unmanned critical infrastructure sites requires a myriad of technologies, including but not limited to, SCADA, fire and gas safety systems and a broad spectrum of sensors and other measuring devices. SiteHawk is a suite of products and services built around the SiteHawk Controller that is designed to provide the ability to remotely monitor and control these locations in order to improve process visibility, optimize staff deployment, increase equipment reliability and maintain regulatory compliance. These local site services, working in conjunction with BlackHawk’s communications and security solutions, offers you total operational control of your remote locations.


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SiteHawk Controller
  • A cost-effective automation and monitoring system for remote critical infrastructure sites. Once installed, the SiteHawk Controller Automation Package will monitor and control any device and can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device within minutes.
Fire and Gas Detection Systems
  • Fully integrated with SiteHawk Controller for remote detection and monitoring of fire and hazardous gases.
Motor and Pump Controls
  • Seamless control of ESPs, PCPs, Pump Jacks, Jet Pumps, Hydraulic Lift Systems, Tower Pumps, Permanent Magnet Motor Drives, Gas Lift and other applications.
Sensors and Gauges
  • SiteHawk Controller functions as a gateway to the site for the collection of information from local site sensors to monitor tank levels, flow measurement, temperatures, pressures or data from almost any type of sensor, measurement or monitoring device.

Features and Benefits

  • Additional units may be used to scale to any size of operational
  • Can be battery or solar powered for remote, harsh environments
  • Provides automated alarms, alerts and notifications
  • Works with all types of pumps—ESPs, PCPs, pump jacks, hydraulic drives and tower pumps
  • Supports any industry model of variable frequency devices (VFD); no special programming-drivers are pre-loaded
  • Provides precision pump automation based on a patented process to achieve/maintain specific target fluid levels based on real time fluid level measurements
  • Provides automated control of chemical injection based on precise parameters to prevent over/under chemical injection while monitoring actual chemical levels on site.
  • Provides true automation and control capability for oil &
    gas, electric utilities, municipal water/waste water systems
    and maritime applications
  • Significantly improves production (oil & gas) and reduces
    operational cost in all applications
  • Provides an instant and secure control room environment
    for the user via laptop PC, tablet or other mobile device;
    no expensive control center facility is required

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