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BlackHawk Datacom launches DataMAX High Speed Wireless Network Solutions

Monday, March 20, 2017

BlackHawk Datacom the leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the oil and gas industry, announces the launch of DataMAX High Speed Wireless Network Solutions for the US onshore shale plays. This launch is the result of 35+ years designing, building and operating carrier-class infrastructure both onshore, offshore and around the globe.

John Poindexter, CEO of BlackHawk, said, “The prolonged downturn in the oil and gas industry has changed the paradigm of most operators and oilfield service companies. While network reliability and high speed connectivity are still very important, cost has become a significant factor. While true carrier-class LTE has proven to be reliable, it’s limited availability in many locations coupled with the high cost of overage fees has created the need for a better solution.”

DataMAX is a multi-carrier platform that leverages the reliability of carrier-class LTE with the cost effectiveness of WiMAX and the “available everywhere” nature of satellite. BlackHawk’s proprietary analysis and routing technology capitalizes on the positive attributes of each of these transport technologies, while virtually eliminating the negatives. “After analyzing traffic patterns on thousands of remote sites, we determined that there was an opportunity to significantly lower costs and improve quality by performing least cost routing based on the type or class of traffic. On many high traffic locations, crew morale or entertainment content can be as much as 75% of the overall network consumption. Social media, streaming movies and online music are just some of the applications that place a heavy load on networks and drive up costs” Poindexter said. “DataMAX continuously analyzes traffic from the site, prioritizes it based on Quality of Service (QoS) requirements and routes it over the most appropriate and cost-effective carrier. The net effect is increased reliability through route redundancy, improved business application performance through reduced network congestion and cost savings of up to 50% over traditional LTE only services.”

In addition, DataMAX technology can be of significant benefit to oil and gas companies who own and operate their own networks. Real-time analysis of network traffic using DataMAX gives operators the ability to route non-critical traffic to lower cost carriers providing increased reliability and an improved user experience on the business network.

With route redundancy to improve network reliability, least cost routing to lower costs and availability anywhere oil and gas companies are operating, DataMAX is changing the way business is done in a very dynamic and increasingly competitive oil and gas industry.

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